Chesapeake Style At Home



What is Chesapeake style? That depends: Chesapeake style reflects the qualities of the Bay that attract and inspire us, from the serenity of its gentle tides to the eclecticism of its wildlife to the vibrancy of its glistening waters. How does the Bay inspire you? Here are some tips for bringing a little of that inspiration into your home and backyard.


Go native, part 1: Bring the Bay region’s natural beauty into your home with ferns or other native plants from your garden and your local nursery.

In the flow: Consider building an indoor fountain that you customize to suit your décor. It won’t sound like lapping waves, but the soothing sound of water can transport you in seconds to that great weekend on the Shore.

Follow your muse: The Bay inspires art to suit any taste, from impressionistic watercolors to elegant hand-carved decoys.


Water, water everywhere: A water feature is essential to Chesapeake style. Build a pond with cattails (a Bay species) and koi (not a Bay species–we save those for dinner). Or try creating a rain garden, which also will help keep your water bills down.

Go native, part 2: Again, use native plants in your yard and garden for an authentic touch of the Bay region. Native plants also are less work: Because they are acclimated to our area’s soil and climate, they don’t need as much water or fertilizer. And that means more money in your pocket and less fertilizer in the Bay.

Retro wood: Using outdoor furnishings with a weathered look is another way to bring the Bay to your backyard. Reclaimed/recycled hardwoods such as redwood age gracefully and make durable and stylish furniture, decks, pergolas and other structures.