Life With A Bay View

Our Work


The Chesapeake Club is a partnership of people working together to keep the Chesapeake Bay fun and full of the seafood we love. We’re helping to restore and protect the Bay through simple, practical steps that touch our everyday lives, from how we care for our lawns to how we clean up after our pets to what we plant in our gardens and more.

The Chesapeake Club is made possible through an initiative of the Chesapeake Bay Program, which is committed to restoring the Bay’s living resources—the fish, crabs, oysters and other aquatic life and wildlife—and keeping the Bay a great place for food and play for generations to come.

Most recently the Chesapeake Club has come to the Hampton Roads and Greater Richmond, Virginia, areas thanks to a unique partnership. The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation has coordinated efforts and provided funding in both markets. Funding was also provided by NOAA through the Virginia Coastal Zone Program.

In Hampton Roads, the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, through its HR STORM committee, has coordinated the efforts of 17 localities in making Chesapeake Club possible.

A partnership of local governments brought Chesapeake Club to Virginia’s Capital region. The city of Richmond and HanoverHenrico and Chesterfield counties are all participants, as is the Chesterfield Cooperative Extension Office.